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Earth’s electromagnetic waves have certain effects on all living organisms, particularly in their relaxed state. These frequencies have quite strong effects on the human body and on its specific, exactly determinable parts. In some way, they are like the impulses radiated from the brain, thus influencing the nerves and affecting the cell replacement process. As a result, these waves may cause serious deformations in the organism.



  • marking harmful zones
  • describing their effects
  • consultancy on how the negative effects can be avoided


  • in your dwelling or house
  • in the place (site) where your home will be built up
  • in a real estate you want to buy
  • in your working environment, office, shop, etc.

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Preis: 290,- € oder 325,- CHF


Human Super Sense

A unique and special body treatment method based on sensing the frequency changes in the nerve points.
We treat the cause of the problem, not the symptom!
The results are: health; ideal body shape; rejuvenation; an energetic, long life; a happy family, economic successes.