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100% diagnose by localizing the interference of poorly working nerve blocks. The blocks are released by the stimulation of the nerve points. The patient is dressed.

This is mainly recommended for those for whom massage is not suggested.
Using the special “super sense” technique, suggestive pressure happens by finger pressure, by inserting acupuncture needles into the fingers and by hypnotic therapy energy treatments.

DO NOT HAVE ANY ILLUSIONS! Such blocks form in everybody and cause deformities in our cells and organs. Relaxed and proper operation degrades such deformities and keeps building the body in the right way. In the human body, the freely flowing brain impulses regulate the CELL REPLACEMENT process which repeats approx. every 2.5 months. Therefore, MULTIPLE TREATMENTS are necessary to release the nerve blocks and to “raise” the new, well functioning cells.


Duration: approx.1 hour (DEPENDING ON YOUR CONDITION!)

Preis: 290,- € oder 325,- CHF

Place of treatment: At any place preferred by you: at home, at your workplace, in a hotel, etc.




Human Super Sense

A unique and special body treatment method based on sensing the frequency changes in the nerve points.
We treat the cause of the problem, not the symptom!
The results are: health; ideal body shape; rejuvenation; an energetic, long life; a happy family, economic successes.